Sri Appachiaranna

In the Vadhula race, Appachiaranna is the direct descendant of Sri MudaliandanSwami and occupies the nineth (9) position in the order. Swami Appachiaranna was addresed by Swami Manavala Mamunigal as "Nam Appachiarannao".

Sri Appachiaranna Thanian:

shreemadh vaanamahaashaila raamaanuja munipriyam |
vaadhoola varadhaachaaryam vandhe vaathsalya saagaram ||

Year: 13th Century 
Birth Place: Haritha Varana Puram (now Nazareth Pettai, near Poonamalle)
Other Names: Varadachaar, Nam Appachiaranna, Thiruvadi Nilai of Vanamamalai Jeer
Month: Avani
Thiru Natchathiram: Hastham
Amsam: Panchajanya (Lord Vishnu Conch)

Peria Jeer used to go for bath in Thiru Cauvery daily early in the morning (Arunodhayam – before sunrise).  Those days one Thirumanjanam Appa, serving in Perumal Sannadhi with deep involvement without any expectations, would also accompany him, and would bathe in the water flowing from the place where Jeer was bathing.  By this, wisdom dawned in him and with great respect at the thiruvadi of Jeer, he became accomplished under his solace.  Appa followed the Jeer like his shadow listening to all inspiring meanings (of sasthras) flowing from his mouth and remained in his confidence.

One day when Jeer was proceeding early in the morning for bath rains fell unexpectedly, and Jeer took aside in the shade of a Vaishnava’s house.  That house was of Sittannar.  His wife Aachi, on noticing this, wiped with her saree’s front the high rise platform on the outside (thinnai) and prayed Jeer to be seated there.  Jeer removed his thiruvadi nilais (chappals) and sat there.  That lady Aachi with great respect took on her head the thiruvadi nilais wet with rain water, wiped them, took them again on her head and placed them before the Jeer.  He asked Aachi, “Who are you and whose house is this?”  She replied, “I am the daughter of Thirumanjanam Appa who has taken solace under you, and this is his Son-in-Law Kandadai Iyengar’s house.  Hearing this, Jeer was happy and exclaimed “Oh! Appachiar!”  Blessing her, he left when the rain ceased, for his bath in the Cauvery.

Aachiyar, because of the soaking in her head of water from Jeer’s thiruvadi nilais and happiness of Jeer’s blessing, became wiser and sought to obtain solace under Jeer’s thiruvadi.  She apprised her father of this wish.  He pondered over this request.  He planned that even his grand sons (Aacji’s sons) need not know about this and Aachi could stay with him for a few days after obtaining Samasrayanam from Peria Jeer.  He submitted the matter before Peria Jeer.  Jeer said that the fact of the connection with Kandadai Iyengar clan should be looked into and so this cannot be done. 

Appa highlighted his daughter’s aasthikyaadhaarthis (truly religious respectable wishes) and assured that no harm will come out of this.  Then Jeer accorded samasrayanam to Aachi.  This wonder was a result of taking on her head the sacred water of the Sri Padukas. Sri Paadukaambuja nidhathma viveka ranga boonatha theertha jaladhatha jamaathrudevam tvan tvachitham nikila desikavandhya padam soumyobhayanthru munivaryamaham namaami.”

Appachiyaranna’s mother Aachi who with swaroopa gnana (wisdom about self) who at first took solace under Maamunigal was the root cause for the adorable connection with Maamunigal obtained by Annan and others of Mudaliandan’s clan.

This proves the concept that consuming food made by a person who has swaroopa gnanam (knowledge of self) is the way for upliftment.

After kandhadai annan and his relatives become shishyas of mamunigaL, mamunigaL says ponnadikkal jiyar is his prana sukruth and he should get all the glories which mamunigaL himself has got of doing Samashrayanam Mudaliandan Lineage who are directly related to Swami Ramanujar. Looking at appachiaranna who approached mamunigaL to become his sishya, mAmunigaL called for ponnadikkAl jIyar, seated him in his own Asanam, gave him his own shankam and chakram and instructed ponnadikkal jiyar to do samashrayanam for appachiaranna. Ponnadikkal jiyar, initially refuses out of humility, but seeing mamunigaL’s determination, he accepts and performs samashrayanam to appachiaranna and a few others at that time. mamunigaL also appoints an ashta dig gajangaL (just like he had eight prime sishyas) to ponndikkal jiyar as well namely – Appachiaranna(Thiruvadi Nilai of Vanamamalai Jeeyar), cholasimharpuram maharyar (dhoddacharyar), samarabhungavacharyar, sudhdha saththvam anna, jnanakkannaththAn, ramanujam pillai, paLLakkal sidhdhar, goshti puraththaiyar.

Appachiyaranna lived in Sri Rangam always following Sri Vaanamaamalai Jeer like his shelter observing the concept Aarenakku nin padhame saranaagath thandhozhivoi unakkor kaimmaru naanondrilen enadhaaviyum unadhe. He would go to Temple and learn ubhaya vedantham and rahasyarthms.

Peria Jeer called for Appachiyaranna and as he had directed him earlier asked him to go to Perumal Koil (Kancheepuram). Appachiaranna sadly expressed, “How can I part with this Seva and Gosti. Jeer took his hand and brought him to Sannadhi. He took out a vessel which had worn out after use for many years, which he had named ‘Ramanujam’ and which Sri Vaanamaamalai Jeer was adoringly keeping in his Thiruman Bassket. Maamunigal told Appachiaranna that the inscription ‘Ramanujam’ and thiruman and sri churnam on this vessel have faded out. From this vessel make two idols like me. Give one to your Acharyan (Vanamamalai Jeeyar) and keep one with yourself.

‘Theemanam Keduthar’ worshipped by Atkondavilli Jeer were in his Koil Azwan (Temple of Thiruvaaraadhana Perumals at residence).

You are suitable to perform kainkaryam like him, yourself having been born in the lineage of Kandadai Andan. Therefore you worship them. So saying with pleasure he gave them to him for worship. Maamunigal then went to goshti (gathering). “Sreetheertha Devarajarya thanayamsethi visrutha thasyasthadhoojo varada: Kaanchi nagara (bhooshana:) Maamunigal further said that with excessive affection that Perarulalar Himself took birth as Appachiyaranna, son of Aachiyar. He gave leave to him “Stay put at Perumal Koil worshipping Perarulalar.”

(Swami Manavala Mamunigal - Vanamamalai Jeeyar and Appachiaranna at Swami Manavala Mamuni's feet) at Mudaliandan Thirumaligai

When appachiaranna was instructed to leave srirangam to go to kanchipuram by mamuingaL, he feels very much upset. At that time mamunigaL asks appachiaranna to accept his old ramunujan (thirtha sombu is usually called as ramanujan in our sampradhayam) which was worshipped by ponnadikkal jiyar for a long time and asks him to make two small archA thirumEnis of himself (mamunigaL) and keep one for appachiaranna and give the other to his Acharyan ponnadikkal jiyar.

Sri Manavala Mamunigal also gave Appachiaranna the idol of "Sri Teemanam Keduthar", the Vishnu worshipped by Sri Atkondavilli Jeer. As directed by Swami Manavala Mamunigal, Appachiaranna lived at Kancheepuram in the Thirumaligai of sri swami mudaliandan performing Nithya Thiruvaradhanam to "Sri Azhaithu Vazhivithavar" (the Moorthi given to kandhadai thozzppar by perulala Vishnu himself) one among the shad bheras of kanchi Perarulalan.

In the foot steps of Swami Manavala Mamuni, Appachiaranna also spent his life time doing the Salaikinaru Kainkaryam for the thirumanjanam of Perarulalan and Perundevi Thayar. Such is the Mahatvam of Sri Appachiaranna Swami, the nineth decendant of Swami Mudaliandan Lineage