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Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Kaliyapettai Adhyayana Utsavam and Thirukalyana Utsavam will be celebrated on – 18th of January 2015 (Sunday).

Morning 9 AM onwards (approximately until 6 PM) – Thirukalyana Utsavam, Pagal Pathu Saatrumurai, Raa Pathu Saatrumurai and Iyarpa Saatrumurai.

Village of Kaliyapettai, otherwise known as Doddacharpuram, is on the western side of the River Palar and at a distance of 8 KMs from Chengalpattu town. It has a glorious history of its own, of which we are all very proud.

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Click or copy and paste the following link Kaliyapettai Temple’s location.,79.937352&spn=0.001531,0.002411&iwloc=0004d38edd547f869fb99

Sishyas and Abhimanis are requested to attend the Utsavam and get blessings from Acharyan, Poorvacharyaas and Sriman Narayana.

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