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Brahmotsavam – Sri Pachai Varana Perumal Koil, Nazarethpettai

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Haritha or Pachai Varana Perumal Koil: The Sthala Purana of this temple is connected to an interesting and well-known episode in the Mahabharatha.

When the Pandavas found it difficult to defeat the famous preceptor Dhrona who was fighting for the kauravas, they hatched a plot. Aware of his great affection for his son Ashwatthama, Bheema killed an elephant (Kunjara) named Ashvatthama and told Dhrona that Ashwatthama was dead. When dhrona wanted to confirm this statement with Yudhishtira (Dharmaputra) who was known never to utter a lie, the latter declared that Aswathamma was dead, but added in a very low voice that it was the elephant. Dhrona, then bent on giving up his life beheaded by Dhristadyumna (Dhristadyumna was Ekalavya in his previous birth). (Read more about Pachai Varana Perumal Koil by clicking or copy and paste the following link

Brahmotsavam will be celebrated at Sri Amirthavalli Sametha Sri Pachai Varana Perumal Koil, Sri Mudaliandan Swami Aadheena Thiru Avathara Sthalam (Nazarethpettai) between 26th of March 2015 (Thursday) and 3rd of April 2015 (Friday).


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Sishyas and Abhimanis are requested to attend the Utsavam and get blessings from Acharyan, Mudaliandan, Amirthavalli Sametha Sri Pachai Varana Perumal.

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